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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures Contents

The policies and procedures are arranged according to the five ‘every child matters’ outcomes as in the operational plan:

A) Helping children to be healthy including

  1. First aid policy including procedures for dealing with a minor or major accident/incident
  2. Accident and incident procedures and forms
  3. Sickness policy and procedure for children
  4. Infection control and communicable disease guidance
  5. Sun protection and outdoor play policy
  6. Nutrition and food policy
  7. Social policy for meal times
  8. Policy and procedure for meal times and for preparing food
  9. Policy on sterilizing and preparing feeds
  10. Weaning process and weaning list
  11. Nappy changing procedures
  12. Toilet hygiene procedures
  13. Daytime rest policy and procedure
  14. No smoking policy

B) Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe

  1. Health and safety policy including fire procedure
  2. Manual handling policy
  3. Procedures for security
  4. Use of cctv policy
  5. Safeguarding policy and procedure
  6. Policy on domestic violence
  7. Lost child procedure
  8. Behaviour management policy and procedure
  9. Anti-bullying policy and procedure
  10. Exclusion policy and procedure
  11. Administration of medicines policy, medicine consent form and medical care plan including well child policy statement
  12. Asthma policy
  13. Policy for intimate care
  14. Drug education policy and managing drug related incidents
  15. Staff drug and alcohol policy
  16. Child collection and late collection of child procedure
  17. Outings policy including lost child procedure and risk assessments for local and longer outings
  18. Risk assessment procedure
  19. Emergency closure of nursery policy
  20. Policy on animals in the nursery
  21. COSSH policy
  22. Hazardous substances list

C) Helping children enjoy and achieve

  1. Policy for special educational needs/inclusion
  2. Curriculum development statement
  3. Care, learning and play policy
  4. Early years foundation stage policy
  5. Seven areas of learning
  6. Characteristics of effective learning
  7. Curriculum policy on personal, social and emotional development
  8. Curriculum policy on communication and language
  9. Curriculum policy on physical development
  10. Curriculum policy on mathematics
  11. Curriculum policy on literacy
  12. Curriculum policy on understanding the world
  13. Curriculum policy on expressive arts and design
  14. Relationship education policy
  15. Physical, social and emotional health education policy
  16. Physical environment and resources
  17. Outdoor learning policy
  18. Transition policy

D) Helping children make a positive contribution to the provision and to the wider community

  1. Equality and diversity policy
  2. Transition policy for children moving room or to a new setting
  3. Working in partnership with parents policy
  4. Admissions policy
  5. Settling in policy and procedure
  6. Key worker policy
  7. Complaints procedure for parents
  8. Confidentiality policy
  9. Environmental sustainability policy

E) Organisation

  1. Terms and conditions of employment policy
  2. Organisation of nursery and documentation policy
  3. Staff recruitment and induction policy for permanent staff and trainees
  4. Staff leaving policy
  5. Supervision and appraisal policy
  6. Staff conduct policy
  7. Sickness procedure for members of staff
  8. Harassment policy
  9. Managing violence and aggression policy
  10. Grievance policy and procedure
  11. Disciplinary procedure
  12. Dress code and personal hygiene policy
  13. Mobile phones and camera policy and procedures
  14. Whistleblowing policy
  15. Social networking policy
  16. Computer and telephone use policy
  17. Drug education policy and managing drug related incidents
  18. Transition policy for members of staff when moving room
  19. Key worker policy
  20. Good practice policy
  21. Job descriptions
  22. Assistant manager
  23. Supervisory nursery officer (room supervisor)
    • nursery officer
    • assistant nursery officer
    • behaviour management coordinator
    • child protection officer
    • cook/housekeeper
    • play worker
    • special needs coordinator

Appendix – Staff Handbook

Please ask any member of staff if you would like to see the policies folder. There is one folder in each area of the nursery and the master folder is kept in the Nursery Office. If you would like a copy of any of the Nursery Policies please ask and we will either print you off a copy or email to you.

Policy Review

All policies are reviewed on an annual basis. Parents and staff are involved in the review process. If there is an accident or incident then any relevant policies will be reviewed at that point before the annual review date. The same applies to Risk Assessments.