Early Days Nursery, Fun and Learning Every Day

Parent Partnership

Our parents and carers are very important to us and we value their feedback and opinions. We take the time to build strong partnerships with our parents.

We aim to involve parents / carers as much as possible throughout Early Days Nursery. This includes:-

  • Parents Forum Meetings held every three months
  • Parents questionnaire and surveys sent out on a regular basis
  • Parents monthly newsletters
  • Bulletins / Newsflashes via email regarding important information
  • Stay and Play sessions at weekends and stay for tea-time on weekdays
  • We celebrate birthdays, festivals and special occasions together
  • Parents / carers help review our policies and procedures
  • Parents / carers participate in open / fundraising days we have at the nursery (we also have an open door policy at the nursery)
  • Parents / carers are welcome to volunteer their time and / or skills to the nursery
  • Parents / carers can attend outings, nursery trips (Summer Weston Super Mare trip) and fundraising events (Macmillan Walk)
  • Parents / carers are encouraged to add to our planning and their child’s learning journals on a regular basis.
  • We ask for parental input into assessments (2 year old progress report / transitional reports)
  • We have suggestions for homework activities within each of the rooms relating to the planning
  • We send our ‘Chatterbags’ home
  • Parents evenings

Information we update regularly and keep parents / carers informed about includes:-

  • Changes in the Early Years Sector – including recruitment, qualifications, legislations, regulations, curriculum (currently the EYFS is implemented), available funding, support available within the community, SEN provision
  • Our implementation of the nursery rules
  • Our implementation of the children’s interests
  • Forthcoming events, meetings and training
  • Our implementation of ‘Brain Gym’ throughout nursery
  • Our implementation of Makaton
  • Topical concerns such as childhood obesity (advice given about healthy eating strategies following our Start Well programme), poor dental hygiene and care within early childhood (advice given about how to minimise this)
  • Local campaigns such as Birmingham’s Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) campaign to prevent child neglect
  • Safety advice (within the home) – please see Stay Safe page