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Employment & Volunteering Opportunities

At Early Days Nursery we offer employment and volunteering opportunities. We are happy and willing to support individuals who would like to pursue a career in early years / childcare or would like to professionally progress within this field of work / care.

We promote continued professional development (CPD) for all of our employees. We try to enable every member of staff / every student to fulfil their potential with the support of training, guidance and supervision. The staff at Early Days Nursery is one of our biggest attributes and therefore we recognise the benefit of investing in them.

Early Days Nursery have supported many modern apprentices, trainees and other students whilst on placement.

We actively encourage parents / carers or other members of the community to get involved within the nursery. We have had parents volunteer their time / skills / services to us in the past and currently. We would like our volunteering program to grow as it offers so many opportunities to both the volunteer and the children within the nursery.

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Please see testimonials received from our volunteers:-

“I have recently become a volunteer for Early Days Nursery. My first experience with them was amazing. It gave me the chance to speak to the staff. I found them very informative and helpful. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions, to have a look around the room that I was placed in – it was colourful, bright, filled with pictures of the children carrying out various activities. I read information that was displayed around the room and I got to feel what the children experience when I was in the nursery. I really enjoyed my experience with them and am excited to learn more of what Early Days is all about.   As a parent, I feel that the nursery offers various opportunities for the children. This is shown when my son comes home happy and shows me what he has learnt which is just brilliant.”
Zac’s Mom

“Early Days Nursery welcomed me to come and volunteer singing French songs with their group of preschoolers – their Dragonflies. I had a lovely surprise as the children’s carers had already taught them “Bonjour” and “je suis fatigué” (I’m tired) so they were really enthusiastic and ready to join in with singing, and happily not tired at all! The children were eager to learn new words and sing along to “têtes, épaules, genoux et pieds” (heads, shoulders, knees and toes) and “si tu es content…” (if you’re happy and you know it…) amongst other classics! They were extremely well behaved, a delight to teach and thoroughly enjoyed singing the songs, as did their carers who took part as well. I look toward to volunteering at the nursery again soon and would thoroughly recommend the experience to other parents and friends of the nursery.”
Aria’s Mom